The main activity of PC Korstel LLC is the production of foundry products from various grades of gray and high-strength cast iron and steel. We produce castings for the engineering industry and other industries. Metal smelting is carried out in induction furnaces "Industoterm" (England), with a capacity of 500 and 1000 kg. This type of furnace provides low waste of elements, low gas content and uniformity of chemical composition throughout the volume of the metal due to its mixing in an induction field.


Induction oven is equipped with equipment:

Induction furnace inductotherm 1000 kg. (fully equipped). 1 pc.

Induction oven inductotherm 500 kg (fully equipped). 1 pc.

Mixer ХТС С-110 (5-10t / h) 1 pc.

Vibrating table VS-650 1 pc.

Chain conveyor with swivel section 2 pcs.

Regeneration unit mod. УР6 1 pc.

Pneumatic transport mod. SD 6.3

Screw compressor mod. DEN-55SH 1 pc. Productivity 8.5 m3 / min. up to 7 atmospheres

Model production



The model area is equipped with equipment: Band saw JET JWBS-15
Multifunctional woodworking machine mod. D300
Milling machine WATTSAN M2S 1325




The finishing area is equipped with equipment:

The shot blasting machine of the crane type UID-376 is a stationary programmable automatic electro-pneumatic metal-working machine of cyclic action, designed for surface cleaning of metal assemblies or parts using the technology of feeding them a high-speed flow of abrasive material. Provides cost effective cleaning of all sizes - small, medium and large - from all sides.

The productivity of UID-376 allows processing 6 t / h of parts, using 2 hoists with a load of up to 1000 kg each, processing them from all sides, while the effective diameter of the cleaned product can be up to 800 mm, and the height of the product can reach 1200 mm.

Laboratory control


The laboratory is equipped with equipment:

ISKROLINE 100 emission spectrometer

Benchtop spectrometer for the analysis of metals and alloys. The device is designed for fast and accurate spectral analysis of metals and alloys with various bases

Microscope Altami MET 2C (standard (1016) + 3Mp + OM)

The metallographic microscope Altami MET 2C is designed to study the microstructure of metals and alloys in reflected light in a bright field under direct illumination.

TSh-2 hardness meter (From storage) with verification 

The TSh-2M hardness tester is designed to measure the hardness of metals and alloys by the Brinell method in accordance with GOST 23677-79.

Tensile machine MR-100 from conservation

Tensile testing machines MR-100 are designed for static tensile tests at normal temperature of metal samples, incl. reinforcing steel, sheet and round products, welded joints in accordance with GOST 1497, 10006, 12004, 6996, 11701, etc.