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xts on α-set

xts on pep-set

xts on α-set process

α-set — is a mold making process characterized by the hardening of polyphenolate resins by the action of an ether-based hardener. The process has been specifically designed to both improve the quality of castings and improve the working conditions of foundry workers.


α-set process
has the following advantages:

• High precision of the resulting casting.
• Low percentage of casting rejects associated with defects on the surface of the castings.
• Ability to make casting of almost any complexity.
• Ability to produce diversified products by quick change of equipment.
• Environmentally friendly molding process.
• Versatility and ease of use of the system.

xts on PEP-SET process

Pep-set is a modern phenol-urethene system for the production of molds and cores, which is analogous to a cold box system, only curing is performed here with a liquid, not gaseous amine.

This allows this system to be used on conventional equipment for XTS processes.

Pep-set process
has the following advantages:

• high productivity achieved due to the fast hardening of the mixture.
• Reducing casting defects of a geometric nature, due to the high strength characteristics of molds and cores.
• Low content of binders in the mixture, which is environmentally friendly.
• High quality of surface finish of castings.
• Versatility and ease of use of the system.